Yes, absolutely. Your personal information (where compulsory) must be correct and complete.

If we detect accounts with missing or faulty information we will close the account until the matter has been clarified, and, in these cases, we may ask for additional proof regarding the identity or residence of the Clickworker.

If we determine that the Clickworker has knowingly provided false information, the user account will be closed and the Clickworker will be excluded from the platform.

Because we can only make payments to the person who is registered with us, a registration with false personal information means that the money that has been earned cannot be paid out.

Registering for a “third party” is also not allowed. If your husband, father, son, mother, wife, or sister, or any other person wants to become a Clickworker, this person will have to register with us directly – using their own, correct personal data.

Obviously, every Clickworker can only work from their own user account. Failing that, you risk having your account blocked and exclusion from the platform. You must treat your login data as confidential and must not share it with any other person.

Therefore, in your own interest, please make sure that your personal data is accurate and always up to date (for example change of address, marriage, change of telephone provider, etc…) to avoid confusion or unnecessary blocking of your account.