Access to UHRS is granted through the clickworker workplace. First of all, make sure you have successfully completed the UHRS assessment and created your LiveID. 


1.   Log into your clickworker account. 

2a. Search for a task titled "Go to UHRS and check out available projectsā€¯ in your joblist 

2b. or click on the UHRS banner on top your screen. 

This task includes the link to the UHRS login page, where you have to manually sign in using the LiveID you registered during the UHRS assessment. Please make sure that your browser does not automatically enter a private LiveID you might also own into the login field, as this will cause the login attempt to fail.

Access to UHRS is only granted for a period of 8 hours straight. Once the 8-hour-period is over, your UHRS access is automatically disabled. In order to refresh it and to be able to continue working, you need to repeat the log-in via your clickworker account as explained above.