The amount you are paid varies depending on the project and the description of the task. They can range anywhere from cent amounts to two-digit euro sums. 

The fee is calculated according to several factors:

  • the estimated average processing time
  • the level of difficulty, 
  • the length of the text, 
  • the amount of research involved or 
  • special knowledge skills required to fulfill the job. 

These factors are the same for all qualified Clickworkers. However, not every Clickworker will earn the same amount because of their individual routine. The faster the job gets done, the higher the targeted “hourly wage”. Complex jobs may require an initial period of familiarization, however they usually pay off through a higher fee. 

We regularly evaluate the processing time for ongoing projects and adapt the fees accordingly if we notice that the amount of time needed is markedly above or below our estimate.The amount of your weekly/monthly fee depends on two factors. On the one hand, you decide how much time you want to spend working on jobs. On the other hand, on how many suitable projects are offered to you. Since both factors are volatile, the amount of your fee can vary greatly each month and can therefore be both below and above your expectations. 

Working at clickworker should not be considered a substitute for full-time employment or self-employment.