Whenever you make changes to your user profile, your payments are automatically put on hold for security reasons. This is to prevent unauthorized third-party access to your account earnings. When this occurs, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the email address registered with us. This email includes a confirmation link.

To reactivate your payments, follow these steps:

Step 1: Check Your Email and Confirm

  • Check your email inbox, including the Junk/Spam folder, for the confirmation email.
  • Click on the confirmation link provided in the email to reactivate your payments.

Step 2: Request a New Confirmation Email

If you did NOT receive the confirmation email, you can request a new one in the "Payment Details" section of your Clickworker account:

  • Hover over the info button "Your payments are temporarily on hold".
  • A new message will appear. Click on the light blue button to request a new confirmation email.
  • Please wait a few minutes for the email to arrive. Be patient and avoid requesting the email multiple times.

Step 3: Contact Support

✍️ If you still haven't received the confirmation email, please create a support ticket informing us that you made changes to your user profile (payment details, phone number, address, etc.). After that, your payment status will be manually adjusted by the support team.

When creating the support ticket, be sure to select the following topics to ensure your request is routed correctly: