1. Step: Don't panic!

New accounts run through a series of automatic security checks to make sure that the personal data is correct and to check that they are not double accounts, which are not allowed by our terms & conditions. If those checks find suspicious data, the account is temporarily suspended and an email is sent to the account owner, informing the user about the circumstances of the suspension. 

2. Step: Check your emails.

This email asks the suspended user to contact our support team for additional information. The support team will usually respond by sending a list of documents the user has to provide in order to get the account reactivated. Those documents differ based on the individual reasons your account has been suspended. It can be a document to prove your identity, your residence, or your phone number, or your tax information or several of those. 

3. Step: Contact our support team and provide required information. 

Only if all the requested information is provided and positively evaluated the account can be reactivated.