There may be different reasons why you have not received an invoice yet and have not been paid. Please check the following:

1. The minimum payout amount has not been reached by the start of the bill run

Your payable balance must exceed the required minimum payable balance set for a particular payment method (see below) by the start of the bill run. If you don't know what the "payable balance“ means, please check it out here: What does payable balance mean?

Payment methodMinimum Payout Amount
Direct bank transfers to non-EU countries€20

Example: you are using PayPal as a payment method. The minimum payable amount for it is €10. If your payable balance is less than €10 on Wednesday (the day the PayPal bill run usually starts), you won't be included in the bill run.

2. Your tax details are missing

3. Your payment details are missing or incomplete, which also include:

  • Your PayPal account is not verified/confirmed
  • Your Payoneer account is not properly connected with us or the clickworker funding source is linked to an inactive bank account

What do I have to do to receive payment from clickworker? 

4. Your Payment is temporarily on hold

5. The bill run has not been completed yet
We usually start the bill runs on Wednesday, but this process may take up to Friday. So by Saturday, the invoice should show up in your account. It means that you have been included in the bill run. After that, it may take a few business days for the money to reach your bank/PayPal/Payoneer account.