To prevent failed payments to unverified PayPal accounts, we added a feature to the "Payment Details" section in your workplace. It checks whether your PayPal account is verified - and therefore enabled to receive our payments - or not.

This feature is mandatory. All Clickworkers who use PayPal as their payment method have to run it once if they want to receive future payments. It is simple to do and takes only a few seconds.

To enable your PayPal payment, please go into the "Payment Details“ section and validate your PayPal address by clicking on the blue "Confirm your PayPal account" button:

Please bear in mind: Your PayPal account needs to be verified on PayPal first. If you receive an error message during validation, please get in contact with PayPal to verify your PayPal account and afterwards repeat the validation on clickworker once your PayPal verification has been confirmed by PayPal itself.

If you already contacted PayPal and the verification process is still not working...

In rare cases, the automatic validation is not successful. This can be manually overruled by support team but in order to do so, we need your assistance. You can help us manually validating your account using either one of the following two options:

- Option 1 (preferred): Go to and log into your PayPal account. Take a screenshot that shows your PayPal account has either a bank account or a credit card connected to it. Send that screenshot as a reply to your support ticket.

- Option 2: Send an email to PayPal Customer Support and ask them for a written confirmation that your account is actually verified and able to receive payments. Once you received that information, send it as a reply to your support ticket., either by forwarding the original email or via screenshot.

Once we have received the necessary proof, we will manually validate your PayPal account and unlock it for payments.