If an error occurs to you during any of our assessments, the first thing you should try is to wait a while, then go back into the "assessments" area and check if the assessment is still listed there. If so, simply restart it and it should continue exactly at the same question the error occurred and you should be able to complete it.

If the error occurs right at the end of your assessment and it is no longer listed under "assessments", please check the "Completed assessment" overview. If it is listed there with a finish date, it has been successfully completed, despite the error.

It can still happen in such cases that you will see a placeholder score of 0% for a short period of time, but it should adjust itself to the correct final score within 48 hours. If you still see a score of 0% in your UHRS assessment 48 hours after completion, please contact us and we will check and manually adjust your score for you.