The "not active" message usually shows up because of one of two reasons.

1. Access to UHRS is not granted permanently, but only for 8 hours straight. 

If you get a "not active" message, you may have tried to log into UHRS after your 8-hour activation window has run out. You need to start a new 8-hour session by logging in using the UHRS task on the clickworker Workplace.

2. The activation routine did not work properly.

If you get the "not active" message although you actually logged in through the clickworker workplace, the activation routine did not work properly, and was unable to change your account status from disabled to active. 
This sometimes happens when too many users try to connect to UHRS at the very same time and is usually solved by simply waiting a few minutes before trying again

In rare cases, this is a more severe issue and needs to be investigated by our team. If you still get the "disabled" message after re-trying to connect to UHRS three or more times within the time span of at least one hour, please create a new support ticket and we will launch a further investigation.