If you lost access to your LiveID, we cannot be of direct help, unfortunately. We only use the LiveID account to grant access to UHRS, but we have no direct administrative access to or, nor can we reset or change it or send you a new password for it. If you have problems accessing your LiveID account and you cannot solve it yourself, you probably need to contact their customer support and ask them for help.

I cannot remember my LiveID

This one is easy to solve. You just need to log into your clickworker account and then start the "UHRS" task in your job list. Your LiveID is mentioned right within the task.

I cannot remember my LiveID password

This is a bit more complicated. Go to https://live.com and click on the sign-in button in the upper right corner. The login window will appear, asking for your LiveID email address. Put it in and continue to the next screen. There you are asked for the account password. Use the "forgot password" link and follow the instructions to set a new one.

I was unable to retrieve access to my LiveID account, even with the help of the Microsoft customer support

If that is the case, the LiveID is of no more use and we need to set you up with a new one. Go back to the start screen and instead of logging in, register a new LiveID. It does not really matter which provider you use (you can go for hotmail, outlook or any other that is offered) but it is 100% important the part in front of the @-sign has the correct format. It needs to start with cw_ followed by your own personal clickworker UserID. This ID is shown to you in your workplace, right next to your username and the current balance.

E.g. If your userID was 1234567 and you would like to use outlook.com as your provider, the correct format for your new LiveID would be [email protected]..

Once you successfully registered a new LiveID, inform us about it and we will adjust your UHRS account accordingly.