Temporary or permanent blocks from HitApps happen for a variety of reasons, which you can find below. 

As a general note: Clickworker is very limited in its actions when it comes to taking those bans back. We therefore strongly suggest to only work on HitApps you made yourself familiar with by answering training questions and to start slowly. You can still increase your speed gradually once you are confident you are doing it right and according to the instructions.

Regarding temporary bans: Although many HitApps use the system of three temporary bans before they eventually permanently ban you, this is not at all mandatory. HitApps can use fewer temporary bans or no temporary bans at all before you find yourself permanently blocked. This is up to the HitApp owner to decide. Clickworker cannot negotiate for additional attempts here or force owners to use temporary bans. 

Low Spam Score

Together with working too quickly, a bad spam score is the most common reason to be blocked from working on a HitApp. If your spam score dropped below the acceptable level for this HitApp several times within a period of seven days, you will be blocked.


If your speed of judgements per hour is above the maximum threshold set by UHRS for this particular HitApp, you will be blocked. Try to stay close to the approximate speed suggested in the HitApp tile on the marketplace overview.

Off Distribution of Answers

If the percentage distribution of your answers strongly deviates from the average distribution pattern of all other workers, there is a strong probability that you did not make your selections carefully enough. The HitApp owner may decide to block you for that reason.

Spam Short Circuit

If a HitApp is using the spam score method as a way to control quality, it has a minimum number of spam questions you are allowed to answer before you can be blocked for a low spam score. However, there is one exception to this rule. If you answer so many of your first few spam questions wrong, that your final score would come out below the minimum spam score even if you answered all following spam questions correctly, the system will immediately block you.

Manual block by HitApp Owner

Although UHRS uses automatic processes like spam scores to keep quality above their minimal requirements, most HitApp project managers also run additional manual quality checks from time to time. Sometimes, a UHRS HitApp owner decides that - despite the fact that the spam scores / RTA scores were within acceptable limits - the quality did not match expectations when he looks at the "whole picture" and decides to exclude the worker from a particular HitApp.