Your report is missing work that you recently did on UHRS? 

The first thing you should make sure of is that you are actually logged into the correct UHRS account. Some Clickworkers are registered with other UHRS vendors too and sometimes it happens their browsers automatically log them into the wrong UHRS account without their knowledge. If you click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and your profile comes up as Clickworker including your personal ID handle (cw_UserID), then you can be sure to work in the correct account. If you see anything else, you are probably logged into a non-Clickworker UHRS account and should contact whoever you are also registered with. 

Please notice that UHRS does not appreciate users working for several vendors at the same time. This might even lead to account suspension, so we strongly suggest deciding on only one vendor and sticking with it.

You are in the right account but your work is still not showing in your report? Then you may look at the wrong period. UHRS reports use Standard Pacific Time, which might (depending on your actual location) be several hours behind your local time. In other words, if you submit work on an early Sunday morning, UHRS might still record this work under Saturday. This can cause irritations. Always check if your work is really not showing or if it might just be recorded under the day before.

The third thing that might have happened is that the UHRS report did not properly update yet. The regular update interval is about 30 minutes, but it happens at times that this takes (much) longer. Check back a few hours later and see if your work has arrived. If you still don't see it, get in touch with us.