Incentives on UHRS are a complicated topic. Clickworker does not run the platform and has no real insight into which incentives run at a certain day or period, what its requirements are and which Clickworkers successfully qualified for an incentive or who did not (or why they did not). Fortunately, the incentive system is being deprecated and will be replaced in the near future.

For Incentives to be paid, a judge must usually maintain their spam score above a particular threshold for 14 consecutive days. If the judge drops below the threshold even once, the counter is reset. So, meeting the minimum number of Spam judgments in a day won’t earn an Incentive payment.

The incentive system will be completely replaced by two new methods. The first is a skills-based payment which moves judges to a higher pay rate when they meet the defined criteria. The other new feature is Bonus Payment. Teams define the criteria for the bonuses without the restrictions imposed by Incentives. Messages are sent directly to judges each time they earn a bonus.