If a new invoice is visible in your clickworker account, the money should also reach you within the next few days.

Payoneer and PayPal payments should reach your Payoneer/PayPal account by Friday afternoon CET at the latest.
SEPA payments may take a few more workdays to show up, as the time frame for international transfer differs from bank to bank.

If a payment does not reach your account after some days, there can be different reasons for that:

1.) You added the wrong payment details

Please check your details and adjust them in case you find any typos. Please send us a support ticket afterwards.

2.) Your payment was rejected by PayPal

Payments that are not claimed within 30 days, might get rejected by PayPal. It is also possible that you reached your PayPal receiving limit. Please make sure to contact the PayPal customer support in such cases and send us screenshots that proof, that your PayPal account is enabled to receive international payments (in $ for MX, CA, and the US and in € for the rest of the world).

3.) KYC Issues (India)

Read more here

4.) Your Payoneer account is not properly connected with us or does no longer exist.

If you get invoiced but did not receive a payment to your Payoneer account, the most likely reason is that your Payoneer is either not properly connected with ours or that your Payoneer account does not exist anymore. In both cases, we need to figure things out manually. Please send us a support ticket and select Payoneer > Payment not received > I got an invoice, but no payment and we will investigate how to solve this.

5.) Payoneer KYC Issues

It is possible, that your Payoneer account is connected to us, but there is an KYC procedure ongoing on Payoneer. In this case your payment may get stuck in the status "Pending". Please get in contact with the Payoneer support in order to

In all cases, your payment will have to be re-send manually by the support team. Please keep in mind that manual payments will take a while.