The most common reasons why a W-9 tax form could have been rejected are incorrect personal data or a missing/incorrect signature. Those are the first two things you should check.

1. Please make sure that:

  • your W-9 has your full name and your correct current postal address on it
  • this data 100% matches the info you entered in your user profile. If you spot any differences (e.g. because you moved or married recently), update your user profile before you submit the W-9. 
  • that the SSN/EIN on your W9 is the same as in your user profile. If you are eligible to use an EIN on your W9, you also need to provide that same EIN instead of your SSN in your clickworker tax details.

We will have to reject your W-9 if there are any differences in either your name, your address, or your SSN/EIN, even if it is only a small one.

2. The other important point to check is your signature. 

Unsigned W-9 uploads cannot be accepted. You can either use a certified digital signature (we cannot accept your W9 with a simple computer-written signature) of your choice or alternatively print the W-9 out and sign it by hand. Afterward, either scan the W-9 or take a high-quality photo of it and then upload it in the “Payment details” section of the workplace. The “Payment details” section can be found under the “Account” heading in the black banner at the top of the page.

If you have problems uploading your document, you can send it to us via the contact form. Select the appropriate topic (Payment general > Tax details > Rejected W-9 tax form) and attach your file. We will then add it to your user profile for you.