The most common rejection reasons:

- an empty form,

- incorrect personal data,

- a missing/incorrect signature.

1. Please ensure that your W-9 form is fully completed and contains the following accurate information:

  • Your full name and current postal address must match the details in your user profile exactly. If any changes are needed (e.g., due to a recent move), please update your profile before submitting the W-9.
  • The SSN/EIN provided on your W-9 must match the information in your Clickworker account. If you are eligible to use an EIN, please provide it instead of your SSN in your Clickworker account's tax details.

! We will have to reject your W-9 form if there are any discrepancies between the information provided — your name, address, or SSN/EIN — and the data we have on file for you, even if it's minor.

2. The other important point to check is your signature.

Unsigned W-9 uploads cannot be accepted. You can either use a certified digital signature (we cannot accept your W9 with a simple computer-written signature) of your choice or alternatively print the W-9 out and sign it by hand. Afterward, either scan the W-9 or take a high-quality photo of it and then upload it in the “Payment details” section of the workplace.

I have problems uploading my W-9:

Please send it to us via the contact form. Select the appropriate topic (Payment general > Tax details > Rejected W-9 tax form) and attach your file. We will then add it to your Clickworker account for you.