If you use your clickworker account with both the browser version and the clickworker App, you will be asked in irregular intervals to confirm your browser login requests with the app. This is a security measure to ensure the legitimacy of your access and to protect your account and data from unwanted access by someone else.

When that check is necessary, you will see a message on your screen asking you to check your App for a confirmation message. From that point on, you have 5 minutes to open the app, go to the notification area, and to confirm the login request. After doing so, the browser login process will continue and your workplace will load automatically. If you do not confirm within the requested time frame, the confirmation will run into timeout and will have to request another one on the login screen of your browser.


Please note: In some rare cases, the confirmation login can be already timed out when it arrives in your app. If that happens to you, check the time on both your smartphone and your PC/MAC and make sure that they run synchronized (are set to the same time and date). If that is not the case, please adjust and then repeat the confirmation process.