What you have to do:

You have to make sure that you meet the requirements mentioned in the following article: What do I have to do to receive payment from clickworker? 

The rest is up to us:

The bill run is a multi-step process and, therefore, might take several days to complete! 

1. We start the PayPal, Payoneer, ACH bill runs, and direct bank transfers for non-EU countries each Wednesday (if it falls on a national holiday, we might shift it to the next working day.)
2. Our system checks all accounts that have been logged in within the last 3 months according to several requirements. Depending on how many Clickworkers have logged in, this step may take several hours.
3. Our system creates invoices for the Clickworkers who meet all the requirements.
4. After all the invoices have been created, our system adds them to the accounts one by one. If you're at the top of the list, you will see your invoice much earlier than the last one. Please have patience! Seeing the invoice doesn't mean the process has been completed.
5. After all the invoices have been published, we manually take over and complete the payment process. After that, it is up to our payment providers how quickly the money arrives on your PayPal/Payoneer/bank accounts.

As you can see, each step may take several hours to complete and depends on many factors. This is why we can only provide an estimated time frame from Wednesday to Friday for the bill run.

! You may receive your INVOICE on

Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday

! The ACTUAL PAYMENT may arrive

for PayPal - by Saturday morning CET at the latest;

for Payoneer, SEPA, ACH, and direct bank transfers for non-EU countries - within 3-5 business days after the end of the bill run as the time frame for international transfers differs from bank to bank.