There are a few things you need to keep in mind to make sure your request reaches the right person and gets answered as quickly as possible. Use the  +   New Support Ticket button at the top of the page or menu:

After submitting your ticket:

After submitting your ticket:

Very soon after submitting your ticket, you will receive an email from us. Make sure to read it carefully as we explain the further procedure. We sometimes might request further information and can only continue with your inquiry after you contacting us again. In some cases, our system automatically closes a ticket, if we did not receive the requested follow up.

How to submit a ticket:

1. Are you a registered Clickworker?

Please select Yes or No.  

If yes, please make sure to provide your correct user name or user id, so that we can locate your account.

2. Your topic
This is one of the most important parts of your ticket. 

Please take your time to study all topics and choose the one which fits your request the best.

For example:
You cannot login to UHRS -> Select "UHRS" as your topic
You cannot login to your Clickworker account -> Select "Login (Only Clickworker account" as your topic

3. Please specify your topicIn this field you can further specify your topic. Please read the options carefully and choose the one that fits best.

You cannot login, but you don't know why --> Select "Can't login anymore"

4. Your subjectThis is only the subject of your ticket. Keep it short and simple.
You can describe your issue as detailed as you want in the Description field below.
5. Workitem numberThis number is very important if you send us a ticket regarding a job.
It helps us locate the job and investigate the issue.
If you don't provide it, our team will most likely ask you for it, so why not provide it in the first place, to speed up the process?

6. E-MailMandatory, so that we can send you our answers :) Please double check if you provided your correct address, otherwise, our emails will bounce back and never reach you.

7. Where does the problem occur?
Not mandatory, but might be helpful for our team to take care of your request more efficiently.
8. DescriptionPlease describe your inquiry, question, issue, etc. as detailed as possible.

LANGUAGE: As we are a global company, we decided to focus our support on English. We do have the possibility to translate inquiries in foreign languages into English in order to understand them, but we can only reply in English in return. We kindly ask for your understanding in this matter.

9. Attach a fileFeel free to attach any screenshot, document, screen video, etc. to help us understand the issue and provide the best possible solution. 

Please do not contact us by using the article feedback below! We will only answer tickets that have been created according to the description above.