UHRS access is temporarily disabled whenever you log into your clickworker account using either a proxy or a VPN (virtual private network) connection to camouflage your original IP address or if you log in from a different country than you registered with. In all those cases, UHRS does not allow you access for security reasons. 

But don't be scared. This disabling is only temporary. To reactivate your UHRS access, you only need to log out of your clickworker account, switch to a regular internet connection without a VPN or a proxy and then log back in. In some rare cases, it might be necessary that you clear your browser cache and delete cookies before our system actually recognizes your new clean connection.

If you were not aware that you use a proxy or a VPN and you do not know how to get rid of it, it is best to contact your internet service provider about it and ask for their advice. They can surely help you to establish a connection without it.

If you are abroad and are therefore not able to switch to a proper internet connection from your home country, you will have to wait until you return before UHRS access will be granted again. If you plan to stay abroad for a longer period of time (6 months+), please contact us and we can temporarily adjust your profile setting for that period.

General advise: To prevent this issue from even happening, we suggest not to use such connections in the first place when you log into your clickworker account. Instead, stick to regular local connections you know are working properly with UHRS.