We pay our Clickworkers in weekly (PayPal, Payoneer, ACH) or bi-weekly (SEPA) bill runs. You do not need to manually request a payout, as you will automatically be included in the bill run, once you have reached the minimum payable amount and entered your tax details.

With each bill run, you will receive an invoice with a listing of each job that got paid out during that certain bill run.

Besides your payable balance reaching the required minimum amount, you need to make sure that your payment details are set up correctly. Find more information about that right here.

For each completed job, you can earn a certain amount of money. You can always see how much you will get for each job prior to starting it.

For most jobs, the fees will immediately be credited to your Clickworker account balance. However, there are also projects that are first credited with 0.00€/$ and will be manually credited after the client has accepted your work results.

This Clickworker earned 0.89€ and the amount already got payable. However, since they are using PayPal, they need to reach a minimum payable amount of 10€.

Once they earned at least 10€ and the amount became payable as well, they will be included in the upcoming bill run.

Find more information about the balance and payable balance