As you can see at the top of your account, there are two different account balances:

Account Balance

Your account balance reflects all the work you've completed but haven't been paid for yet. As soon as you finish a job, the payment amount is added to this balance. There are a few exceptions where tasks are credited with €/$0.00 and paid manually after evaluation, but typically, the process is: job completed > account balance increases. If a job is rejected, the amount will be deducted from your balance.

Payable Amount

The jobs you've completed on clickworker are not always immediately available for payment. The "Payable" amount shows what is currently ready for you to receive payment. For quality assurance purposes, it takes between 7 and 30 days (39 days for UHRS jobs) for completed jobs to become fully payable.

In summary, your account balance includes all completed jobs that haven't been paid yet, while the "payable" amount only includes the sums that have reached their payable date after the required processing time.

When will my jobs become payable?

To see when payment for a job becomes payable, check your Account History. As shown in the screenshot below, a job completed on October 12th was booked to the account balance on that date. However, the payment didn't become payable until 7 days later, on October 19th. On that day, the €0.12 amount was added to the payable balance.

Learn more about the requirements for payments here.