Adjustments to languages, both native and foreign, can only be made by the clickworker support team. 

I would like to change my native language(s)

Unfortunately, native languages cannot be adjusted as they are considered an integral part of a person's identity that remains with the person throughout their life. For some languages, we have implemented a language verification task. We highly recommend that you complete this task (if you haven't already) in case you would like to work on UHRS. You can find and complete it in our app.

I would like to change my foreign language(s)

If you accidentally selected your foreign language twice or if you've gained a new language skill, please create a new support ticket and send us a request to adjust your settings. If you’ve already done that and received a response from us containing this article, please simply reply to our email within the next 72 hours.

Please name the language(s) you'd like us to add or adjust. Please add copies of school reports or certificates that prove your knowledge of the language you want us to add as a new foreign language to your profile. However, please note that the number of languages is limited to three so please choose the ones you know best. We may reject this request or ask you to provide us with additional information or proof in case we are not convinced that your language skills are sufficient.

Ticket topics to request language changes: