If you got an invoice but did not receive the amount in your PayPal account, there might be several possible reasons for this:

1. Your PayPal account is not KYC verified.

The most likely reason why you haven't received funds to your PayPal account from us is that you have not yet completed the KYC procedure on PayPal. The KYC verification removes any limitations from your account and enables the reception of international payments. In this case, we advise you to complete the KYC procedure as soon as possible. You can find additional information about it via the link below. If you have any questions about the procedure, please get in touch with PayPal customer service for additional help.


2.  Your PayPal account doesn't accept transfers in euros.

The second thing to check is that your PayPal account accepts international payments in euros. It is not sufficient to enable payments in US Dollars or other currencies. Euro payments need to be enabled.

3. Your PayPal account is only limited to paypal.me.

The third thing to ensure is that your account is NOT limited to paypal.me payments. You need to enable "normal" PayPal payments to your account.

4. You haven't claimed the payment within 30 days.

Ensure you have enabled automatic acceptance of payments in the "Payment Preferences" section of your PayPal account.

5. You have reached the receiving limit on your PayPal account.

If any of the above situations apply:

  • Contact PayPal customer support and ask them to confirm that your account is KYC verified, enabled to receive international payments in euros, and not limited to paypal.me.
  • After receiving the confirmation, create a new support ticket and attach screenshots of this confirmation. If you’ve already done that and received a response from us containing this article, please simply reply to our email within the next 72 hours and attach the required screenshots. We will then repeat the payment of the failed invoice.

The evaluation of the provided data may take some time. We appreciate your patience!

You can check out further information about failed payments here: Help, my payment is stopped!