Unlinking of your Payoneer account from clickworker can only be done by Clickworker Support and these are the only two valid reasons for us to unlink your Payoneer account. If these two cases do not apply to you, we will not be able to unlink it unfortunately.

1. If you have deleted your old Payoneer account and now want to connect to a new account, we first need to see proof that your old account is deleted. Please contact Payoneer customer support for that and ask them to completely delete/close your account. Once done, please send us a screenshot of the account deletion email you received from Payoneer. If you do not have this confirmation email anymore, please contact Payoneer and ask for a confirmation that your old Payoneer account was deleted at your request.

2. If you have currently linked an account that is not your own and you want to switch to your own account, please send us a copy of a government-issued ID of the person whose account you are currently using. This person can also send the document themself.

Hence, please use the contact form to send us a request to unlink your Payoneer account along with the required proof and we'll unlink it for you if everything seems alright. If you've already sent us a ticket, and have landed at this FAQ as a result, please simply reply to the email we sent within the next 72h with the required proofs.