In order to qualify for UHRS you need to successfully complete the UHRS assessment. 


Click on the assessment section in the menu of the Workplace or the clickworker app. The UHRS assessment should be listed in the "Available assessments" section, if you haven't completed it already. 

You need to reach at least 80% in order to gain access to UHRS. Make sure to take the test when you can fully concentrate on the task, as you cannot repeat it.

The assessment consist of two sections. The first tests your knowledge in English with simple questions. You need to pass this part with at least 80% in order to be forwarded to the second part. The second part then gives you a short introduction to UHRS and helps you set up your account.  

Once you have successfully completed the assessment, you need to make sure of a few things before you can start working on UHRS:

1. Some native languages require a verification. Please check your job list for the "Verify your native language" job and complete it.

2. Make sure that your payment details are verified. This is another requirement to see the UHRS job.

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