I do not see the option to verify my phone number

Phone verification is not available for all countries. If you do not see this option, phone verification is inactive in your country. This has no negative effect on your ability to work or on the availability of projects. If it is active for your country, you will see this message:

The Pop-Up Window to request a pin code is empty

Please check if you have a pop-up blocker active that blocks content on clickworker.com. If so, please deactivate it (at least temporarily) and try verifying again. Alternatively, set your browser security settings to a level lower than "high”. You can set it back after you verified it successfully.

You can also try with Google Chrome as this problem only seems to happen with Internet Explorer and Firefox.

I get an error message saying my number is "not a real number"

This error shows up if you try to verify using a virtual number that belongs to services like Skype, Google Voice, or other online services or Apps. We cannot accept such numbers for verification, as the purpose of this routine is to prove your location and those virtual numbers can be used from anywhere. Please provide a number that belongs to a real mobile or landline and repeat the process.

The error can also show up occasionally if your provider is using a VOIP-based service. In such cases, we can whitelist your phone number for verification. In order to do this, we need you to send us proof that you own that number, such as a copy of a phone bill or a screenshot from your phone provider's user account showing the number. Please use the contact form and attach the necessary documents to your request. We will then be able to manually allowlist your phone number for the verification process.

I do not own a mobile, can I validate a landline, too?

Yes, you can.  If you don’t have a mobile phone, simply enter your landline number in both phone fields (phone AND mobile). If your landline phone supports receiving SMS, you can use the “SMS” verification method. If not, please switch to "Voice Call" to receive your PIN with a prerecorded message.

I successfully requested a PIN code, but it did not arrive on my phone

Please check the provided phone number for typos. Also remove any blank spaces, dashes, or slashes from it. Also notice that you don't need to manually enter the country code (e.g. +1 for the US) as it is automatically added to whatever number you provide based on the country you register with. You only enter the rest of the number. 

E.g. if you live in the US and your full phone number is +1 555 12345-678, the number to enter is 55512345678.

Once you made your corrections, please repeat the process. If the pin code still does not arrive, try to repeat the process at a later and maybe less active time (late evening or early morning). 

If you are still having issues, use the ticket form in our helpdesk to send us some proof that you own that number, such as a copy of a phone bill or a screenshot from your phone provider's user account showing the number. We will then be able to manually confirm your phone number for you. If you’ve already sent us a ticket, and have landed at this FAQ as a result, please simply reply to the email we sent within the next 72h saying the article didn’t solve your issue.